Hotel Villa de Cretas




Birdwatching Centre “Over Buñol”. After consultations. Paleontological Route”Inhospitak” center in Peñarroya Tastavins Dinopolis. Iberian Road VisitorCenters, towns and sites in various spots around. Medieval route. ValderrobresCastle, Calaceite, La Fresneda … Route of Prisons. Some municipalities services in the vicinity (Cretas). John Cabré Museum. Calaceite. Ethnographic Museum “What Masmut”.Peñarroya of Tastavins. Swine Interpretation Centre. Peñarroya of Tastavins.Outdoor activities. Walkers Tours, Horse Riding, 4×4 routes, quad biking, BathNatural Area, Canyoning, Canoeing and Climbing. [one_half]

En el Hotel…

Learn to taste wine for groups:  8 to 12 people. By reservation. Advice and planning Hikers and Cultural Routes.Tourism Activities and Services reservation in the area. Rent a Bike with Battery Electric. NEW! [/one_half] [one_half last]

At Spain…

-Municipal Swimming pool and pelota court. Free for all Hotel patrons. (From 15 june to 15 september). -Archaeology exhibition. Please Book in advance. -Iberian Language and Script Learning Centre. Currently under construction. -The Iberian settlement of “Els Castellets”. Currently being restored. Please Book in advance. -Cultural tour through the town’s history and heritage. -Matarraña district Shooting Range. Clay pigeon shooting and archery. (From March to October). -The Val de Zafán, Terra Alta and Baix Ebre Green Way Cicling routes and walks. -Wine Feair and Medieval Marketplace, First weekend of April. See Information at Surroundings.[/one_half]


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